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For High School Seniors

Concurrent enrollment is one of the many opportunities Oklahoma City University offers to help ensure a successful college career. Enrolling in college courses through the spring semester of your senior year of high school has several advantages:

  • Earn up to 18 credit hours at a discounted rate of $150 per credit hour*
  • Experience the pace of college level courses
  • Open the door to more scholarship opportunities
  • Meet new friends
  • Learn to manage the demands of higher education

To qualify for concurrent enrollment you must:

  • Have strong high school credentials
  • A minimum ACT score of 24 (or SAT score of 1090)
  • A minimum GPA of 3.25

You must submit the following materials to the Office of University Admissions:

  1. An official high school transcript
  2. An official ACT or SAT score(s)
  3. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's high school principal or counselor
  4. A letter from the applicant's parents endorsing early entrance into college
  5. A letter from the student stating why he/she feels ready for college work before the completion of a traditional high school program (or equivalent home school curriculum**)
  6. A completed and signed Concurrent Enrollment Agreement Form.

**If you are home schooled, please call Tasha Loveless at (405) 208-5654
***All college hours taken while concurrently enrolled are posted to an official OCU transcript.