Human Resources  
Janelle Warlick

Assistant Director of Student Success and Retention

What I like the most about my job is helping people to achieve their dreams. By informing them of various academic programs, scholarships, and other pieces of the puzzle for success, I am serving these students and families. Most transfer students are focused and I love enabling them to experience all the opportunities that Oklahoma City University has to offer!

Benefits-My education was 100% paid for. I was a transfer student and recently graduated with my masters, so that is (3) years of tuition paid!!! Tuition remission for spouse and dependents is a big plus! For this reason, I may work at OCU until Joy (age 5) is ready to go to college. It is awesome that my husband is getting an amazing education here and that contributes to our families’ prosperity. The first thing that I quickly realized about OCU, is the genuine care in my success. The personal touch and pride of all who work here is a testament to the superb leadership that’s provided by President McDaniel. We are making the world a better place…that feeling in itself of waking every morning wanting to go to work and help is priceless. I also really like the fact that the gym is free! I have grown so much professionally and look forward to other travel, presentations, conferences or whatever may come my way. Obviously, I could go on and on.

Who would not want to work at a place where you can make a difference, advance, etc.? Oh…and being able to go to chapel is something I appreciate, too! Okay, the last thing is the food in the cafeteria is so yummy and I get to go there for lunch, breakfast food and/or Starbucks. When I eat lunch with students/families, I’m getting paid to eat and talk about what I’m passionate about. I really am a champion for education and it more than helps that I have gone here and know firsthand what an incredible education is provided.

Melanie Shelley

Associate Dean, Ann Lacy School of Dance and Arts Management

I love working in a creative environment with dedicated employees and committed students.

The health, retirement, and tuition remission benefits are strong at OCU. I have used tuition remission both to accomplish an advanced degree and for faculty development purposes. While I don’t have to take advantage of the health coverage very often, when I was faced with a surgery, the health coverage was life saving. I also feel secure knowing that the matching funds provided by OCU are building up my retirement.

OCU continues to grow and improve every year. It is an exciting and rewarding place to work.

Working with students keeps me young and engaged. I believe this is true not only for the professors, but for everyone who works at OCU. The energy which results from the creative and learning environment of OCU is contagious.

Clint Normore

Director Of Multicultural Student Affairs

I like the community atmosphere. I have developed tremendous relationships throughout the entire community.

Our benefits are second to none. The most significant benefits to me are tuition remission. I would not have been able to obtain my MBA without it.

All work environments come with unique challenges. OCU’s friendly atmosphere and passion for service and sincere interest in the lives of others provide the kind of support systems necessary to overcome any challenge.

I have enjoyed each of my eight years here. I don’t think I would have been able to have obtained the vast amount of experience I have gained any where else!

Lois Lyon

Executive Assistant

I have worked at OCU for 24 years.

I like meeting the students and enjoy working with staff, faculty and administrators.

I think the benefits are great. OCU has a wonderful matching savings plan. I wish I had taken advantage of it as soon as I was eligible.

I have recommended OCU to friends as a great place to be employed. It is a friendly atmosphere. The people here are very compassionate and generous.

I enjoy coming to work every weekday. I especially enjoy our sports programs. We do have a lot to offer students academically and socially. I frequently hear from former students who are very proud that they attended OCU. My two daughters, one son-in-law and a brother-in-law graduated from OCU.

Amy Cataldi

Assistant Professor of Psychology

I have worked at OCU since 1997 (I started as an adjunct professor).

What I like most about my job is the interaction with students and faculty; such bright, interested, and interesting minds. These people are often wonderful combinations of personal integrity, caring, and sincerity mixed with academic creativity and vitality.

Certainly the medical and dental benefits are noteworthy. But even more importantly, the university’s position to offer “partner” benefits is really a testimony to the open-mindedness and forward thinking of the OCU community.

I have recommended OCU as an employment opportunity to friends; Actions speak louder than words.

Mary Price Boday

Associate Professor of Dance

Oklahoma City University has an incredible dance program in the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management, and I am so happy to be a part of it. I love the campus, and especially I love the staff and faculty and the students.

The work here is rewarding, and the people in this University are so helpful and kind.

These benefits are great. They are much better than other places that I have worked. I love the retirement plan, and I also like where you can put aside money – tax free - for medicine or the difference after insurance into a card, and use it for those purposes.

The people who work in human resources are so helpful. I really appreciated that when I first came to OCU, and any time I have a question, they always are there to answer it.

Steve Taylor

Assistant Police Chief

What I enjoy most about my job is working with our campus community as a team in maintaining a safe learning environment.

I enjoy the ethnic and cultural diversity our students bring to our campus, it is definitely an enhancement to the collective “personality” that makes OCU such a great place to work and study.

We have a competitive retirement program and various health insurance options.

In addition to having 25 years in law enforcement, I also have experience as a teacher in higher education in Criminal Justice. This experience has provided me with the ability to appreciate how effective and professional our faculty are at OCU.

I say, without reservation, the staff at our campus are the most enthusiastic and dedicated people I have ever with.

Benjamin Chang

Administrative Information Systems Director

My job is always full of challenges with the university dynamically changing to adjusting itself while the world evolving but always maintaining the university religious believe and the values to educate the future leaders of the world. The diversity of the university with different cultural backgrounds of the world, OCU is a place that adapts itself to the global changing but implement locally.

One of the greatest benefit that provided by OCU is the learning of the world cultural with globalized view throughout the diversity of the students and employees body. On the tangible side of the benefit, it would be the tuition assistance program.

I would recommend people to work for OCU without reservations. This is the place that cares not just the student but also all the employees who work for this great intuition, the loving and caring of each other create a strong bond of a family. A family with the worldwide roots and will grow strong and spreading the fruits into every corners of the world.

OCU is like a huge extended family, people caring each others with their true hearts. You will not be let along when you need help, with strong central Methodists believe and the value to teach students to facing future challenges of the world. OCU is a true family that you are willing to be part of it.

Denise Burton

Associate Professor of Nursing

OCU has been very good to's large enough to provide incredible opportunities but, yet small enough to promote interaction among colleagues across campus. I obviously enjoy working with students and offering nursing programs which are designed for the working Registered Nurse.

The tuition remission is a great benefit for employees with children.

Barbara Crandall

Professor of Management

What I enjoy most about my job is the student's energy and interest in learning. We also have a family friendly staff. They are extremely helpful.

The two most valued benefits for me are the medical insurance and TIAA-CREF matching funds.

It is a great place to work and I feel proud to tell people I am a professor at the Oklahoma City University Meinders School of Business.