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Brandon Katzir, Ph.D.

Brandon Katzir, Ph.D.

Brandon Katzir, Ph.D.,


Composition, World Literature, Honors Liberal Arts, Seminar in Rhetoric

Brandon Katzir is an Assistant Professor of English at Oklahoma City University. He teaches Composition and World Literature Courses as well as classes on American literature and literature and religion. Much of his published work explores argumentation methods in classical and medieval Jewish texts; specifically, Dr. Katzir has published on Jewish law and the writings of Jewish philosophers like Saadya Gaon and Moses Maimonides. His early publications emphasize the similar rhetorical and legal strategies employed by Jewish and Muslim jurists and philosophers. Dr. Katzir’s essays on classical and medieval Jewish texts appear in journals like Rhetor (2016), Rhetorica (2017), Rhetoric Society Quarterly (2018), and Philosophy and Rhetoric (forthcoming, 2020).

Dr. Katzir also researches modern Jewish literature. He is particularly interested in nineteenth-century American rabbi and Orthodox leader Isaac Leeser and the beginnings of the American Jewish periodical press in English and Yiddish. Dr. Katzir’s article on Isaac Leeser, entitled “Walking the Even Tenor of Our Ways: Liberty and Tradition in Isaac Leeser’s 1841 Claims of the Jews to an Equality of Rights” is forthcoming. He is also an avid student of Yiddish and is currently co-writing a book chapter on the figure of the wolf in early modern and modern Yiddish literature. Katzir is also writing an article on the Yiddish epic poem Kentucky, a sprawling commentary on Jewish immigration to rural America.

Dr. Katzir is passionate about teaching and strives to help all of his students become good writers and close readers. He believes that literature is an avenue for exploring and understanding cultural difference, and he works to demonstrate the importance of cultural diversity in all of his classes. Professor Katzir is also the faculty advisor for Jewish life on campus. He has spoken widely at local high schools, colleges, and universities on topics of Jewish interest, and he has published editorials in venues like The Times of Israel and The Jewish Daily Forward.

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Walker Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73106