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Diversity & Inclusion Committees

There are six Diversity and Inclusion Council Committees, which cover the following areas. If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please read the committee descriptions below, then complete the form at the bottom of this page by October 14th at 10pm.

Academics/Curriculum and Faculty Recruitment/Retention

Identify ways in which to: infuse diversity and inclusion into academic disciplines and syllabi; develop a learning community dedicated to D&I; incorporate diversity champions into appropriate academic processes; evaluate potential course additions; commit more resources to international faculty recruitment/scholarship; develop intentional marketing to attract a more diverse participation to Oklahoma City for faculty applications.

Communications, Marketing and External Relations

Communicate and promote: the work of the D&I council; the university’s diversity activities and perspective of our campus; efforts to recruit faculty, staff and students; and community relations outreach to the greater Oklahoma City community at-large, while seeking to identify new opportunities to connect with external partners.

Policy and Data

Review existing policies, practices and procedures and recommend updates as necessary; make recommendations for new policies, practices and procedures; and assist with the development of assessment and collection/review of data.

Student Engagement and Retention

Inform policies and procedures to insure inclusive practices; engage in data collection and program assessment; engage in benchmarking; inform ongoing diversity and inclusion student education; identify new opportunities for student engagement; evaluate retention data; identify at risk populations and ways to impact student success.

Employee Recruitment, Engagement and Retention

Assess current polices, practices, and procedures related to employee recruitment, performance management, engagement, retention, and compensation to ensure the university embodies the core values of diversity and inclusion.

Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Assess current policies practices, and procedures; identify population resources that promote diversity; evaluate where we, while determining where we want to be; identify potential scholarship resources; and verify scholarship data.