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Internship Funding Program - Summer 2019

Timeline and Important Dates

Requirements and program details available January 14, 2019

Application process opens February 15, 2019

Application and all required documents deadline Friday, March 22, 2019 by 5pm

Students notified of application status via email by Friday, April 12, 2019

Final day for acceptance paperwork and employer offer verification, Friday, May 10, 2019 by 5pm


Eligible Students:

  • Rising Juniors and Rising Seniors in ALL majors
  • Currently enrolled Domestic and International full-time students
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA requirement (If the Spring 2019 cumulative GPA falls below 2.5, the funding award will be subject to review)
  • Be in good academic or judicial standing with the university
  • Have completed at least one year of full-time study at OKCU by the time the internship starts

The following students will be given priority consideration:

  • Rising seniors who have not participated in a previous professional development experience
  • Applicants that have an internship offer/contract at the time of submission
  • Students with established success in both academics and extra-curricular activities

Non-Eligible Students

  • Exchange students, or students in their final semester at OKCU are not eligible for post-graduation internship/experiential learning opportunity funding

Internship Qualifications

Before applying please ensure that your internship meets these requirements.

  • The internship is “necessarily unpaid” or has a genuine lack of resources to provide a stipend, or wage that will support your living expenses during the internship experience.
  • An internship must average at least 20 hours per/week over minimum of 6 weeks, unpaid or earning less than the equivalent of $2,000
  • Unpaid practicums or internships that are required as a part of a program curriculum are not eligible
  • No pay to participate or fee based programs
  • No independent studies, unsupervised or remote internships
  • Organization can’t be owned or run by a family member
  • Internships at or connected with OKCU are not eligible; university research or assistantships supporting faculty are not eligible
  • US based programs only
  • Internships at a Fortune 500 company will not be considered

Application and Supplemental Documents

The following are required for the application process. Keep in mind that the program is competitive and all application materials should be well-written, reviewed and complete at the time of submission.

We highly recommend that you review all requirements before beginning the application process. Applicants are encouraged to compile and formulate their answers in advance on a separate word document so that they can be later added to the online application.

Application for Summer 2019 - Click Here. Deadline: March 22, 2019 by 5pm.



Personal Statement

Please consider…What is the connection between this opportunity(s) and your career goals? How do you hope to benefit from the internship? In what way would funding help better enable you to pursue an internship? What steps have you taken to further your career preparations and search for an internship?

Budget Template

List any other sources of funding that you have applied for and/or received whether from either the university or external sources. Please note the amount of the funding and when you anticipate hearing about whether you will receive it. You will need cost estimates and explanations for: Housing, Utilities, Food, Transportation, etc



*You will need to submit a budget for each opportunity you are pursuing unless they are all in the same metro area.**Costs not covered: meals at restaurants, entertainment, electronic equipment, housing if living at home, or other items deemed outside the scope of the program

Resume, pdf document labeled with your first and last name

Unofficial Transcript, pdf document labeled with your first and last name

Internship Verification (2 options)

  1. Internship offer letter (Signed Contract or offer letter on company letter head or company email that includes start/end dates, total number of hours estimated, and hourly wage, stipend or unpaid status)
  2. Internship Opportunity (may designate up to 3 potential experiences you are or will be pursuing. Only those internships listed will be considered for funding if chosen)

1 completed recommendation form (faculty or staff member only)

  • Applicants must secure permission from their recommender prior to this process.
  • We will email the person indicated on the application form a link to the recommendation form, please make them aware of the process and application due dates.
  • We must receive the completed recommendation form by Monday, April 2, 2019.


Selection Process & Post Internship Requirements

Selection Committee 

Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of Career Center staff and other university partners.

Career Services will compile all paperwork, and distribute to members of the selection committee. The committee will meet in April to make decisions about the awards.

The review committee will consider the following factors: academic standing, disciplinary status, financial need, nature of the internship, and the connection between the internship and the applicant's career interests.

Decisions are final and there is no appeals process.

Internship Completion Requirements

Disbursement of funds is contingent on completing any and all requirements

  • Mid-term Progress form (electronic)
  • Final Evaluation from the internship supervisor (electronic)
  • Final Internship Reflection and Experience Evaluation (electronic)
  • Submit a professional headshot or a picture of yourself at your internship which will be featured in a social media campaign Success Stories: #starsatwork; due August 16, 2019, by 5pm
  • Complete any Thank You notes as requested in your contract

Disbursement of Award

If you're selected and accept an award, funding will be direct deposited into your account in the following manner:

A portion of your award will be granted upfront after you complete the required acceptance and financial paperwork for your contract. The remainder of the award will then be disbursed in equal amounts over the course of your internship, less $250.

The final $250 will be released after you have submitted your final internship report materials AND once your supervisor's evaluation has been received. Although you are welcome to submit these documents early, the final $250 payment will not be released until August 31. Exceptions to this disbursement schedule will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • If an intern is fired or quits the internship, or defaults on his/her contract, Career Services will revoke any remaining funding AND the student will become ineligible for future Career Services funding opportunities.
  • Career Services reserves the right to inform a student’s internship provider of his/her non-compliance and violation of Summer Funding policy.
  • As a condition of receiving funding, award recipients must comply with all set deadlines and requirements.


A student receives an award of $1,500 for a 6-week internship experience. Once the proper acceptance paperwork has been submitted and parameters have been followed, they would receive an initial disbursement of $750. They would then receive 2 disbursements of $750 over the course of the summer. **All funds are subject to withholding